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Day of Procedure



..so to continue, I had a 2551 FUT procedure with Dr. Chao in Redondo Beach. Others who have been report of first class treatment and others have had discouraging words about his flat rate pricing strategy - YMMV. Coming from the Contracting world, Flat Rate pricing is not a bad thing if you can conduct your business as such, can control overhead and expenditures, and know how to read a simple P&L statement.


I had an absolute great experience adn I will tell you that Dr. Chao is a gentlemen who batttles (possible...as I am not 100% sure) MS in his legs but comports himself professionally and personally as a pro. End of his story. This is mine ~

I have a tight scalp so 2500 graft was about it for me.

We drew in an 'age-approproate' hairline that I fully agreed with and the procedure was easy as could be.


Here's night one.

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Congratulations! Look forward to more updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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