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HT Dr. Maral. Istanbul



yesterday 12/03/14 i was in the maral klinik for a fue HT. I am a native danish male age 34.


The day before i was picked up by the driver, who was waiting for me in the airport.

He drove me to my hotel all incl. In the price of 1800 euro. Hotel was no big deal but

Breakfest fine.


On my day of surgery i was picked by same driver again and driven to the klinik, which

Provided me with a good first impression. I was then waiting for app. 1 hour, before i was

Called to dr. maral's office. He started to ask who i was and i told him. He looked at my

Head and praised my former HT but also said that i had no hairline. I told him i had viewed

Blogs on the this network and some of the procedures had left me with the impression that

He provided decent HT at a very fair price.

He then drew a hairline for me which was very conservative

and in fact he drew just like i had imagined it

In order to gain decent density. And then he drew a circle in the bald spot in the back of my head app. 6x7cm area.


I was now ready for my procedure which was to be done by 2 women. One around 30 and one in her 30's. Difficult to say excactly.

The exstraction process which was done by a automated tool, took around 2,5 hours. 3500 grafts where exstracted.

She was working very fast with the tool. After we had a lunch break for about 30 min. Then dr. Marals first assistant came and started to

Make the holes. This took around 1 hour. After this the original 2 girls started placing the grafts. One of them was very sweet and

Gave me the remote control for the tv and frequently asked if i was ok. They couldnt speak english, except for a few words. At

One point i put on the text tv and looked at it as there is a watch with seconds counting. I counted that they could insert 20 grafts pr minute.

This procedure was the longest and took around 3,5 hours. i was cleaned and tied up and was ready to leave.

Now im lying and waiting for my wash and check up. My head looks and feels like my first Ht which i was pleased with.

My experience so far has been very good. Maybe because i travelled a lot, im am comfortable in most places.

Service has been very good. Klinik and staff very good. But all this will mean nothing if i dont see a satisfying hair growth in the future.


I just want to add that my personal oppinion at this point is that a technician who knows her job can be as good or better

Than a doctor. I see the fue procedure as a handcraft. A steady hand should be very important. These guys are

Doing the job for long and much have gained some expertise. I dont see which aspect of the procedure, that

Makes it only possible for a surgeon to produce it. Maybe i will be wiser in the future....


Im out. Stay tuned for updates on my procedure


Ps. This was written from my smartphone



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Congratulations on the procedure. I hope you will continue to update us on your progress.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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Its now been app. 42 hours since my transplant with the maral klinik was terminated. I actually feel better

than i did post my first fue procedure in 2012 budapest. Swelling has been moderate, but it can still come.

I wonder why there are so many different views on how and when to wash head after fue. In my first procedure i was told to wash head following day and 3 times a day with luke warm water. First after 5 days start using a mild shampoo. The Maral klinik cleaned my head on the following day and then told me to wait 3 more days before washing and applying a foam. Others do it differently i read. I will attach some pics from this morning taken 37 hours post termination of the fue.


stay tuned for more.  

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would like to post my pics. problem is i cant figure it out. i click on the mountain. which one of the 4 categories should i use for uploading.??? my headings are in Danish by the way.

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Do you have anymore updates on your H/T. I am thinking of going to Maral Klinic but I am unsure what to do. I would appreciate any update and info you could give me.



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