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HT with Dr Tejinder Bhatti -1448 grafts - Dec 2013



Hi , I signed up on this forum last year.

Transplant:I had HT(FUE) December 2013 with Dr Tejinder Bhatti (Chandigarh-India)

Condition :

Hi, I’m a 28/Male from India who has been losing hair since last three-four years, currently working in Canada.

On the Norwood scale 4, I’m a having hair loss all over the scalp . Finally lot of research and reading blogs on this network i had decided choosing FUE Surgery with Dr bhatti.

Procedure was really nice i stayed in oyster hotel near by clinic , hotel was really nice stayed around 3 days......from the day of procedure.....

I knew that my hair was receding all over the scalp from last three years....tried all the remedies from oil,shampoos,treatment but won't worked anything........

I was waiting and researching for finalizing the correct treatment for both hair loss and dandruff .........tried mostly all medical treatment like Nizoral, ketoconazole ,

salicyc acid shampoos,Zinc pyrithrine shampoos.....but won't worked anything....this dandruff is giving me lot off itchiness and discomfort..because of that i won't be able to decide for HT also......

I never had dandruff in my life....finally in last couple of months i tried, Selsun Blue Anti Dandruff shampoo available in US or Canada......this shampoos had lessen my itchiness and hair loss mostly......that's give me take the decision for HT......

Now the doctor ....since last one year searching and doing R&D on internet....i have ended with few doctors like Dr Rahal, Dr Bhatti and Dr Ron Shapiro........

I had consulted with Dr Rahal initially they....responded with 1800 grafts but don't want to invest 15K and not getting confidence because of my scalp codition .......................

Finally decided to do with Dr Bhatti..........wanted to try for few grafts...HT ended with 1448 grafts.....

Hope for the best results

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Congratulations on the procedure. I hope you will continue to update us on your progress.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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