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Can I do it?



Dear all,

I am considering having the procedure done within the next 30 days and had a few question for all:

1. Would the doctors undertake the FUE procedure if I had a FUT procedure done over 8 years ago? total 2000 grafts if I remember correctly.

2. I have noticed that all patients for FUE have their heads fully shaved for the procedure. Is that a requirement?

3. Do you recommend Dr. Hakan? the nearest European Country is Turkey, well in fact it would be Cyprus, but I hear great things about Turkey regarding the procedure.

4. How long does it take for it, the procedure, to no longer be noticeable? This would affect my work if it stays noticeable for over two weeks.

Thank you in advance

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1. This would not preclude you from being a candidate. This is assuming you are a good FUE candidate in general.

2. Shaved in the donor or recipient region? In most cases, physicians will basically shave both. However, only shaving a portion of the donor area and leaving the recipient area longer may be a possibility. You would need to discuss this with your surgeon.

3. Yes, Dr. Doganay is excellent. In Turkey, I recommend reviewing Dr. Erdogan as well.

4. It depends on what you mean by noticeable. The grafts will shed anywhere between post-op day 10 and month 3, but redness in the recipient scalp can last a bit longer.


Hope this helps.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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Thanks Doc, I am planning to have the surgery done early March, just waiting for confirmation from Dr. Hakan's team. The tough part is they never gave me a number to call and the only way to follow up was through email.

I have researched Dr. Erdogan as well, but unfortunately he does not conduct BHT procedures if he cannot harvest enough grafts from the donor areas.



Has BHT been successful in the past?



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Hi Man


I have just contacted Dr Hakan and wonder how long from initial contact to getting a surgery date.

Ive had Fue done and the donor area will be shaved, however the plantation area does not have to be. I think he charges a little more to do this than shaving whole head. I had longer hair than now 1-2# shaved, but got away with it as you worry about it been public knowledge. I did use Toppik to mask things which i would consider again.


How are you paying as the credit card charge is 8%.

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Hi Voipman,

It took less around one month but that was due to a cancelation they had and they were able to fit me in. I guess persistence paid off. I honestly cannot wait for the day of the procedure.

As for the length of the recipient area, and after quite a bit of research, the length depends on the number of grafts. So I guess they will shave it #1.

Were you able to contact them by phone? if so please forward it to me. I didn't know that about using the credit card. How did you find that out?

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I was emailed a estimate on grafts and that cash is preferred option as card will be 8% charge.


I was told i have to show plane ticket to be able to book available dates in april

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