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Need Suggestion Regarding Surgeons In India or Abroad



Hello Friends,

This is Varun (26) from Delhi , India . I have been losing my hair quite a lot in the past few years . I also got a transplant from DHI Delhi 2 years back .

Recently i have been consulting quite a few surgeons for another transplant . I have consulted Dr. Sajjad Khan (Dubai Based) , Dr. K Ramachandran (Chennai Based) & Advanced hair studio Delhi .

Rughly i would require 2000-2500 grafts as told by the doctors .

I would really aprreciate if you guys can help me find the Best Surgeon -

1) Price per graft is not a problem (as it is a life changing surgery)

2) Location also doesnt matter (preferably Asia Pacific / Middle East ) .

Thank you all for help .

Looking forward to resposes .


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