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I wish I could have done it when I started loosing hair!



my youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02_qU2zvSmk

Yeah I am Norwood 6 and have been like this since 2005.

At the top of my head there hasnt been any hair for over 05 years and all of a sudden look at what happened since last August!

Amazing, huh?

I hope you guys use it as an example that there´s always a solution. By the time I started loosing hair I didnt have the same opportunities you guys currently have!

Good luck!

I´ve just taken these pics to show you guys how my hair looks like at the moment!


Remember: I have been totally bald since 2005... No hair at all at the top of my head!

The top of it used to be just as bald as it is at the vertex area.

The only reason I am posting this blog is to show you guys there´s way back. I mean I am going to have a hair transplant pretty soon. At first I started doing it to improve my donor area and now my goal has totally changed!

Talking to my doctor and taking a look at the mirror I am pretty sure in 10 months from now my head will be full of new abd better hair and the hair transplant will cover it all! This is so freaking unbelievable for someone like me that was pretty sure would be able to cover just a half of it!

I am posting these pics to show you guys that you cant never give up!

That old story that in a place where has been bald for so long those hair will never regrowth anymore is a fucking LIE!

My head speaks by itself!

Spectral DNC-S + Minoxidil 5% and 10% + Avicis + cetoconazol + my special Shampoo + Extrato de Jaborandi + Hairmax is an amazing combination of success!

Outstanding Combination!


It might seems nothing to you guys but my doctor told me in about 10 months from now my hair transplant is going to be extremelly succesful once I have gotten lots of new hair back to my scalp!



** I am posting this in order to help those people who have been through just the same sort of bad journey. Loosing hair affect our entire life. There are some people who insist in telling us that they simply don´t care, sorry but I don´t buy it!

Hope those young guys who are still in the beginning of hair loss (future baldness) read this carefully and make the right choice in order to preserve your hair or postpone some sort of baldness. Nowdays it´s different than it used to be 20 years ago when I started loosing my amazing hair. You guys have many "weapons" to fight against it! Don´t waste your time: DO IT! But do it carefully. At first, I would recommend you to look up for a doctor you really trust and talk about your problem openly with no fear whatsoever! Tell him/her everything, anything and when he/she gives you a list of medicines to purchase do not forget to talk about them all very clearly, especially about their side effects. I am saying that because I can´t take Finasteride by any chance! (THIS HAPPENED WITH ME, THAT DOESNT MEAN IT MIGHT HAPPEN WITH YOU). This medicine has changed my entire life! Even though I know how dangerous I know it is I think you should talk with your doctor, tell him what is going on and before trusting him/her 100%, PLEASE, do lots and lots of researches and talk to as many people as you can in order to make up your mind about either taking any sort of medicine or not. Well... Once it has been said, I guess I should talk about my baldness story and what I am about to do in a few months. (Hair Transplant)



I am Victor, 43 years old Brazilian guy, Norwood 5, and an avid "hunter" for something that might really works for me and my hair before jumping into a hair transplant.

I did everything you guys could even imagine.

From Fina to Dut (Fina is the most stupid thing a man can do against himself btw! and Dut is responsable for killing three guys down here in Brazil and their families have just sued those labs), from botanical medicines to some sort of very poor "prayers"... Seriously... I have done everything to avoid being bald and avoid loosing my hair. Yeah, I´ve lost this battle... I mean, Or should I say: At least for a while! (If I had a chance to get back to my early 20´s and start taking Fina for instance I would remain just the same but would never destroy my life! Ever! its side effects will come to you, dont fool yourself!).

I am saying "for a while" because I have already saved about $ 22.000 for my surgeries. In my first appointment with my doctor (the greatest doctor in this field down here in Brazil) and he told me I should try to improve the amount of hair at the top and the back of my head by using all those medicines everybody knows. Yeah he also mentioned FINASTERIDE... and I just said: FORGET ABOUT IT DOCTOR! This is not going to happen!

So I´ve been working on it since last August in order to get some regrowth al around my head. He did that because if I accomplished that chances would be high for me to have just one surgery since my donor area (considering the number of grafts I have at the back of my head which is huge but not enough to cover it all up).

The only thing is that I am not a quitter, not at all...

So that´s what I´ve been doing thus far: religiously applying minox and spectral dnc-s and a lot of other products as well.

Here is what I´ve been doing ever since:

August 12th.

1 - first thing in the morning is taking a shower and use an organic shampoo made here where I live; (three times per week I use Cetoconazol) although he´s just told me that wouldn´t be necessary since my shampoo is richer and way better.

2 - after that when my hair is already dry I apply Minoxidil 5%;

3 - few time after Minox I do apply a special lotion made down here in Brazil as well which is basically composed by natural resources like minerals and some sort of plants cultivated right here.

4 - after lunch I do apply spectral DNC-S and take two multivitamin pills (yeah its so freaking oily and smelly but honestly if I knew that applying shit would regrowth my hair back I would mind using it all over my head and maybe even eating it). Yeah still wouldn´t dare taking FINASTERIDE by any chance!

5 - around 06:00 pm I do apply Minox 10%; It´s a higher concentration and there are some dumbs who insist in spreading all over the world that it doesn´t work beter and its results hasn´t been proved yet. Yeah it does way better! At least twice as much!

6 - at night, after I take my second shower and dry my hair I do apply Spectral dnc-s again. After that I use hairmax for about 20/30 minutes!

Here is the result: From August to November (four months seeing just little tiny hairs coming out... I thought it was only my eyes and my imagination but I wasnt wrong at all). Now, January 30th, It´s regrowth about 35% of my hair and my doctor told me that my hair transplant surgery is going to be such a very succesful surgery since I have gotten hair in some parts which would be pretty impossible to be recovered. BTW as he´s just told me I have saved at least $ 12.000 since I am not going to have the second surgery any longer.

It´s been said I just have to thank DN Lab for such an amazing product!

Of course the rest I´ve been using mixed with spectral dnc-s thus far has been such an amazing support for Spectral to get its job done but I truly believe Spectral DNC-S is the ice on the cake!


Now I am 43 years old but I started getting bald at the age of 23 years old. Imagine that!

My hair was fantastic. Black, full, thick and everybody used to tell me I looked like an Arabian man for such a full black beard and hair. I do miss those times but I am about to change that for the better and forever!

Any doubts you guys have feel free to ask me anything... (brazbear@hotmail.com)

One last note: Yeah its oily and kinda smelly but somehow you´re going to have to pay some price to get some new hairs or even keep up those you still have, otherwise get used to getting bald because that is exactly what its going to happen!

Millions of men insit in taking Fina... What is an oily scalp compared to a dead penis, panick attacks, anxiety disorder and the list goes on and on endlessly as EVERYBODY knows! That is what happened with me that doesnt mean it is going to happen with you I may say so!

Spectral DNC-S is the light at the end of the tunnel my friends!

Combined with Minox, a special shampoo and some sort of massage (ops I didn´t mention I use Hairmax every other day as well, sorry about that) it´s a real deal!

God bless you guys!




** 1 - If you want to improve your Minox effects try to apply it right after you shower your hair and its still wet! Amazing! it works like a bomb!

** 2 - I do massage my scalp every time I apply Spectral-S, even during the day!


Here are the receipts I´ve been using so far:

The whole treatment is basically composed by:



Minoxidil (5% and 10%)


20 to 30 min using Hairmax every other day

Lotion: (you are going to have to use a translator)

Cafeína...... 3%

Ext Glicol. Jaborandi ........5%

L- Carnitina .......2%

Copper Tripeptídeo ou Peptídeo (fatores de crescimento) 3%

Auxina Tricôgena (Tricoxin) .....10%

Loção tônica capilar qsp .....60mL

Cooper Peptide 3%

AFGF 1,5%

Soluvit Richter 3%

VEGF 1,5%

Follicusan 5%

IGF 1,5%

Loção Não Alcoólica


Cafeína ..........2%

Ext Glicol. Jaborandi ........5%

L- Carnitina ............2%

Copper Tripeptídeo ou Peptídeo 3%

Auxina Tricôgena (Tricoxin) ...5%

Shampoo base anti caspa, sem sulfatos, sem sal, sem conservantes qsp ...200 mL


Sulfato de Minoxidil .......5%

Biotina .........0,2%

D-Pantenol .........2%

Solução Hidroalcoólica qsp 30ml

Solução Minoxidil

Sulfato de Minoxidil ........ 10%

Biotina .......................... 0,2%

D-Pantenol .....................2%

Solução Hidroalcoólica qsp 30ml/50ml/100ml

Hair Loss Suplement

• Ginkgo biloba Ext Seco (Ginkgoflavonóides 24%) ……80mg

• Folato .............500mcg

• Biotina .............1mg

• Iodo (verificar dosagem ideal para mulher)

• Zinco ..............15mg

• Cobre ..............2mg

• Niacina ............20 mg

• Vitamina B6 ......15mg

• Ácido pantotênico (Vitamina B5) .........30mg

• Beta-sitosterol (verificar a dosagem para mulher)

• Taurina ............300mg

• Folhas de jaborandi (apenas o extrato glicólico de jaborandi)

• Ginseng Koreano Ext Seco (Ácido rosmarínico 2%) .......100mg

** Every once in a while I also apply Avicis which is an amazing product. Absolutely amazing btw.

I am not so sure whether Avicis is available on the US and European market or not although Galderma is a huge Lab worldwide so I believe it is pretty possible to purchase it online. It is worth every drop of it!

Its a dihidrotestosterona (DHT) Blocker, Alfaestradiol!

** I should also say that I dissolve Finasteride (10 tablets) in each bottle of shampoo I use, including ketoconazole, also inside Minoxidil Lotions (5% and 10%). 99% of guys insist I talk about and show my improvement always say it doesnt work due to its concentration be too low after being dissolved but from my pictures you can see it works really well!

You can add some DHT blocker if you want to! I


As I said feel free to ask me anything...

About the pics: remember: I´ve been trying anything and everything for years, so after that taking pics to see some little tiny hair wouldnt worth it at all. If I knew it would have worked for me after all believe me I would make millions of dollars selling my store and my "little secret" to get almost 40% of my hair back after only 06 months of treatment!

35% for a while...

From now on till November I bet the doctor won´t have a lot of job to be done!

Wish you all the best guys!


Brazil - January 30th





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