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my hair transplant turkey 2014




This is my Story(don`t worry its not that long lol! wink_smile.gif)

im jav,wnated to get fue transplant for some years now,had hair loss when i was 30 years old was well disappointed,

enquired into it from various places as it was very expensive so just decided to wait till my friend`s friend had his done from turkey so enquired from this place in Turkey.

Went to turkey for a holiday in 2012 in Istanbul went to see this hair clinic i was amazed as to how many people were getting the treatment done

so had a consultation very nice people.Very proffesional

This year finally got the courage to go ahead with it here are some pictures before the surgery

i had very good experience they looked after me

its been about 10 days since my surgery so far i am happy with it seems like good result


this is the place

i am trying to upload photos but having a hard time i will keep trying any other questions

i will be happy to answer

i will keep everyone posted on my progress so far so gooood

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How many grafts did you have put in and what did the total cost come to? I'm very interested in getting mine done in Turkey

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