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Starting myy HT Journey from June ,2007



The beginning of my journey,this was originally written in 2007,so I re-edited it so I may continue now almost 7 years later after getting my 2nd restoration surgery:

I used to belong to the Hair Club for Men back in the late 90's.After being there for many years,I learned they started to incorporate HT's as another alternative.I didnt really think too much about getting one done myself as I thought that the transition would would be too drastic.I owed it to my stylist,who I trusted because I had been going there for almost 9 yrs.Well she told me that I would be an excellent candidate for one of their Dr.s who is doing the latest in the HT technology (apparently I have nice and thick donor area,with good hair characteristics ) and still enough hair on my crown to take propecia.She also told me of about 12 members had already done it with awesome results nice growth and vertually no visible scar.After seeing the pics and also meeting a few of his patience,I was sold.I set an appt.to meet Dr.Robert Mcclellan himself and bombard him with questiions,of course.He was also a HT patient about 4 yrs ago and he didnt hesitate to show me his head.I felt that right away he was going to good for me because since he had the precedure done,he woulds also be sensitive to my cosmetic needs.

Speaking of Dr.Bob,I went back to the surgery center the day after my HT he and his lead tech,checked on me and cleaned my head up.Today he even called me to check up on my progress and make sure I got home ok.To me,I think that is pretty cool.They were very professional,kind curtious.They made me and my wife feel relaxed from the entire time we were there.We talked and laughed some during the procedure everything was fine they wuld ask me the entire time how I was feeling,or if I felt any kind of pain.WE laughed when I told them,I would feel great if they would stop poking my head with needles,lol.

Only time will tell as do anyones HT's,the results,but I am confident they did their jobs well as he told me,and I confirmed in my research that he has done over 10,000 Ht's and over 3,000 FUT's.Now it is up my "boys"to do their thing,set,shed,and sprout hopefully in about 4-6 months.As far as I know and what I have learned here on this forum,Dr.Bob and his staff did everything just like they should have,and I know I wil be back to him for my next proceddure and I will tell everyone that I recommend him.I have noticed that noone has been to him before but I think I am the first and I am sure in the coming months,members here will know his name because of my successful HT.

But in the meantime,I will stick with you guys here and pass the time reading about others who have been through this and those who are about to go through it.I have only been a member for a few weeks but IM VERY GLAD TO FIND THIS FORUM.

You all take care and thanks for the responses and I am sure to keep everyone updated,



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