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My Hair transplant With Dr Hasson



Well after years of waiting I finally finished my HT with dr hasson. The reason it took me so long was to get off of work and money situations, but finally the stars have aligned. I am 29 years old and have been loosing my hair for about 8 years now and it has been devastating to me. I've had a first hair transplant about 4 years ago in Florida with a doctor that's not on this site. It was a cheap procedure of 1200 grafts and I wish I never got it. At the time when your first loosing your hair and your desperate you will do just about anything to fix it, and when you don't have $ it can be bad. The reason the first one was bad was because the scar was too thick and the hairs where placed to high. Anyway im going for my 2nd HT with dr hasson. Im sure everyone on here knows dr hasson Is one of the best and it was hammered in my head reading on this site haha. SO if im going to spend $20000 it should be with one of the best. Now price is a big thing and 20k is a lot of money, so you have to ask yourself, will having hair change your life for the better and is it worth it. For me the answer was yes. I'm paying for the self confidence and swimming in the ocean. Im a big toppik user so I cant swim, or be in the heat, or be in the rain. Anyway I got 5230 grafts, I was going in hoping for around 7000 grafts to just finish any worrying forever but was ok with 5000. The procedure from start to beginning was about 12 hours which is a hurdle in its own, make sure you dress comfortable, 12 hours is brutal but if you want a mega session you have to do it. Most of the grafts went in the front, the 5230 grafts I got isn't going to make my crown full like I wanted but I don't know how its going to turn out yet so I cant say anything. For my level of balding 5000 grafts will get me a little more than half way to where I was when I was 17 years old haha, I probably need 8 or 9000. So the decision he gave me was do I want to be thick up front and kind of thin in the back, which he said would look the best, and I agreed, And by the way everyone was great that helped work on me, dr hasson was really cool and the techs where really helpful and accommodating. Here are some pictures and im going to post month to month, any questions feel free to ask.


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