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2013-12-30 Eight Months After



Not much to report. I feel like it looks pretty much like it did last month. I did go in to see Mike Ferko and he tended to agree it seemed a bit thinner than expected but we agreed to just see what happens over the next few months and if I'm still not thrilled with it then we'll talk to Dr. Hasson and go from there. The massive "shock loss" that I was having has subsided, so maybe it will fill in the density now.

While these photos don't do it justice, I am really happy with the hair-line and the angle at which the hair is in front. It's actually exactly as I had hoped and envisoned it to be in my mind's eye -- even without telling the doctor. If it were more dense, it would be pretty perfect I think.

I also went for a haircut again as it's been a couple of months. The lady couldn't believe I had a HT. She was digging through looking for the scar and couldn't find it, so she thought I was pulling her leg! LOL. She proceeded to tell me about two other clients she has. One guy has a huge scar across his head in the back and he asked her what she thought of the result. She said, "oh it will heal and look good, how long ago did you get it done?" He replied "Three years" !!! She was obviously silent as she realized that this poor guy was mangled and his head will never get any better as is. She went on to tell me about a lawyer client who had a much better HT from Portland, but even that did not compare to what she saw with mine. :-)





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