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Hair's contribution



I have seen many men suffer the agony of hairloss. You look at their eyes and see a fragile person who wants to stop the mental anguish from losing what they seem to think is their identity. If there is one thing that men should know is that we have to do what makes us happy. The problem that I face is getting older and not knowing where my degree of hairloss might extend. I help people with their hairloss but I still have to come to grips with my own. I enjoy the positive atmosphere of this Hair Transplant Network. Most of us are in this online community to keep all of our hair hopes alive. Together we all face the faceless beast of hairloss which is nothing easy to do. Hairloss takes no prisioners and leaves everyone behind; including the innocent and the uninformed. We step to its beating drum like soldiers with orders. Not one of us is immune to the effects of hairloss but at least we can say that we can be on one accord as unique individuals. Life is unedited, uncut, and uncensored. These conditions beat any dreams that lack real commitment. All of us can really help ourselves by helping each other get through this thing we call hairloss. I compete with myself to help as many hairloss sufferers as possible. I believe in empowering each and every individual who needs hair. Belief makes things real.


Free Consultation Dates & Cities

London, United Kingdom - February 15, 2014 (Saturday)

Zurich, Switzerland - March 8, 2014 (Saturday)

Bologna, Italy - June 5, 2014 (Saturday)





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