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Where is the best place in the world to get a Hair Transplant? India? Who is the doctor for the job?



Where is the best place in the world to get a Hair Transplant? India? Who is the doctor for the job?

So these are the questions I asked myself when I began considering getting a hair transplant done. The FUE method stood out as a clear winner to me and so all I had to figure out who was the best doctor for me and where he would be located. I wanted a Doctor who had experience... LOTS of it! I wanted to know that he knew what he was doing and that he was the best period. I refused to compromise on this. Then I also didn’t have the biggest budget in the world so I also wanted to explore going to countries where the cost of living is more reasonable than in the US but the quality of doctors was still the same. I looked all over the world searching countless websites and blogs before deciding India was the ideal place and Dr. Tejinder Bhatti was my ideal doctor.

I have read a ton of his success stories right here on this social network blog site. I can look up and list the members who’s stories lead me to him later if any of you would like to read them.

His credentials are very impressive! He seems to keep very much up to date with all of the most modern techniques. I know he was even just recently in the US for this.

He has tons of before and after pictures of his patients on his site. He has shown that he produces great results.

His facilities appear to be very clean and modern.

I have my appointment for the procedure scheduled for just three days from now!!! I leave on my flight in about 24 hours. :)

I am very excited to post pictures and keep all you all informed on my journey and experience. I will be keeping my identity concealed but will still post pictures of the before and hopefully some from during the procedure as well as monthly photos over the next 2 years.

At this point Dr. Bhatti and his staff have been incredibly helpful and informative with me. He has taken the time to answer all of my question. From everything I have heard he appears to be just the utmost doctor you could ask for… thorough, kind, knowledgeable, honest, and most of all competent in his field.

He has even put me in contact with some former patients of his.

I am looking forward to getting this procedure done and expect great things out of it.

Reading of others experience on this site has been incredibly helpful to me in making this decision. So I am hoping that I can do the same and be able to help other by documenting my journey. Feel free to ask and questions.


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