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Losing Hair After 4months FUT



I had Hair Transplant on 23 July 203 (4months 18days) and I can see new Hair growth but the problem is losing existing hairs and New hairs ( 25-40 hairs every day- Mainly Existing Hairs) .I'm using finax 1mg from last 3months....i'm feeling very depressed due to this..Please let me know..

Thanks for taking time to read message..!!



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I had my HT on the 25th July and seem to be losing hair just like you. I feel your pain!! I am not taking any meds though. So I am curious as to if and why there is a logical reason..

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Well I don't any reason about that . I'm only taking finax medicine from last 3months..I hope that someone will give suggestion about hair loss.

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Because you just started the finasteride, it is possible that you are experiencing an initial shedding of the existing hair from the medication. You will likely need to wait a full 12 months for the results of the hair transplant and the medication to mature.


Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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