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HT Appointment With Dr. Radha - 11/12/2013



Hello Everyone,

I would like to immensely thank this forum and all your expereinces that led to confidently take the

option of HT. Its really a wonderful job and the I thank the people hosting this. Thank You All !


I have taken H.T appointment with Dr. Radha on 11/12/2013, wanted to know if there are any

prerequisite that one needs to consider before H.T. Currently I am on Minoxidil 5% so do I need to stop it?




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Hope it all went well! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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Hi Blake,


Apologies for a late reply. Was caught up with work, so couldn't gave an update :(

Everything went well.


My HT Exp with Dr. Radha


About Dr. Radha - She is very down to earth and helpful. She is as described by the

members in this forum. Very good experience, made a right choice.Thank you all for

guiding me to take this decision :)


Regarding the HT -


HT was planned on 11-Dec-2013. As planned, went a day ahead for consultation.

We discussed on the areas of coverage. She explained properly regarding the

procedure and gave pre op instructions. Also gave a shampoo for applying in

the night and morning b4 op


Single session FUT - 3400 grafts.


2700 - Crown

700 - Frontal Refining


Was very satisfied with the way things went :) . Its been 10 days post op, tightness

in the scalp has reduced. No issues as of now. Its very early to post any pic,

will definitely keep this thread updated.


I will upload pre & post op pic once I get them.


I am from Pune, please feel free to message me if you need any help/info, will

be glad to help.





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