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My Hair Loss Adventure with Dr. William Lindsey (2461 Grafts)




I recently had a hair transplant with Dr. William Lindsey and I thought I'd share my experience and upcoming journey.

First off, I don't see many African American posts so I'm hoping that I can provide some insight to others who are curious or skeptical about taking the plunge.

I'll start with a brief history about my hair loss:

I started to go bald at age 16. It was devastating for me. I tried many options before my first hair transplant including the hair club for men. I had my first hair transplant at 21 with Bosley (500 grafts). I had my second hair transplant with another clinic at 23 (2000 grafts). The second procedure restored my natural African American hairline, but I knew I would need more procedures as I continued to age. Over the years I have used cover-ups in conjunction with the transplanted hairs and it has worked fine. Over the years, the makeup is becoming more and more of a messy burden and I would like to correct my hair loss problem for good if possible. It seems as if I am going to inherit my Dad’s hair loss pattern (5 or 5a) and while disappointing, I am hoping that I can defeat these genes! I’ve spent a lot of time researching good doctors and with the help of Spex, I believe that I've found one of the best in Dr. Lindsey. After our consultation, I felt very comfortable moving forward with him and I appreciated his frank honesty.

The Initial Post-Op Days and Photos:

So far, so good. All of the grafts appear to still be in place and the area looks really clean. The back of my head feels tight and a little stiff, but that is to be expected. I want to thank Dr. Lindsey and his staff for being professional, curious and extremely efficient (they even provided a little comic relief). He was very accommodating during our visit and even took the time to meet with us after hours the day before the procedure to make sure that everything would go as planned. This procedure was like a walk in the park compared to my last one (A 12 hour pain fest) and my wife was really impressed. After one week the small amount of swelling I had is gone, the stitches are out and everything looks great. We are both excited about what the results will look like! I think its going to turn out great and my scar will be great as well.

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Looks like everything is healing quite well! Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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