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I will put in new photos later but just wanted to share how impressed I was with Dr. Cooley. I was nervous at first and couldn't sleep before the transplant. There really was not any need to be anxious as the whole process was painless and so pleasant.. Everything went smoothly. After starting at 8 am, he stayed until 8 pm as he is in the room almost 90% of the time putting the implants in himself. He is a perfectionist and drives the staff to produce great grafts. He gives them feedback during the session about what he wants. The other plus with him is that he charges doubles or triples as a single graft. Some will charge it as two or three.

What really separates him from others is his academic interest in the field. It really is not commercial with him. There is a genuine interest in the science of hair transplant whether using new techniques during the procedure or the type of spray that he gives you after the procedure to prevent graft failure. In other words, he takes a personal interest in the success of the hair transplants. You will see how passionate he is.

When you consider the cost, don't take short cuts and find the cheapest rate. Find someone like Dr Cooley who understands the whole science behind what makes a graft survive and can explain it to you. It doesn't mean anything if you get more grafts at a cheaper rate if they do not survive.

My enthusiasm is high now as it is my first day and I sound like a commercial for him. It may temper later but I wish a positive surgical experience like mine for others.

He told me after about 6 days, the redness would be gone. Will let you know because I want to make sure it is not so obvious.

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Hi Kool,


Congratulations! Dr. Cooley is excellent. Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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