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Disappointed with hair transplant result, what should/can I do.



I've had a transplant but I'm not happy with how they were distributed around my head. I'm still very thin at the back, by the crown where my main concern was/is. I've been dealing with a national company who then uses another company for the surgery side that their company offers. It's been obvious to me from the 4/5 month that the patch at the back was never going to fill out anywhere near the rest of my head. Basically I was supposed to have had 3000 grafts and it looks to me like they distributed them evenly over my head, including where I already had hair, instead of concentrating on the crown area predominately. So instead of an even finished look all over it's now thicker where I already had hair and a slightly better bald patch. The surgeon keeps saying that the hairs have took and expect it to still get better. You can however see a photo in the first week after the op when my shaved hair on the top of my head is coming back through that the distribution was never going to be good enough. My question is where do I stand about some sort of refund / or another treatment for free or discounted cost. It's clear to me it's not going to fill out even by the 12th month they keep banging on about.

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Hi Sheriff,


Sorry to hear about the poor experience. Unfortunately, the only individuals that can explain the refund policy is the original company you dealt with. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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