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My HT Experience with Dr.Radha



Hello Everyone,

Though its been over two months after my first HT with Dr.Radha, I was unable to post my experience due to various personal reasons. But now I would like to share my expereince of my First HT with Dr. Radha on Aug 21st 2013.

I would like to immensely thank this forum and all your expereinces that led to confidently take the option of HT. Its really a wonderful job and the I thank the people hosting this. Thank You All !


Before talking about the experience a brief about me,

I am....,


  • Male, 34 Years of age
  • Losing hair for more than 10 years now
  • Been considering HT as an option for over a year.
  • Have posted some pictures of my pre-HT here


My HT Overview :

HT with Radha on 21st Aug 2013

# of Grafts 3400


My HT Experience :

Initially when I was thinking about HT as an option, I was looking at Dr.Madhu. But later after reading many positives about Dr.Radha, I started inclining more towards Dr.Radha but never took any concrete decision on the HT plan.

One fine day decided to post few information in their website. There was no reply for a week. And then one day had a reply from Dr.Radha asking for more information. And from then on had 4 to 5 emails communicated between us. I got more confidence seeing the time she took to reply personally.

Once I called her to check and confirm the dates she had provided. She did confirm the date on 21 Aug and requested to pay 10,000 INR but was not insisting too much on the payment. I did deposit the amount and informed her.

I had 1 month time to plan for other aspects like tickets and lodging. I found some good deals for my flight and boarding and did confirm the same.

When it was a week before the surgery date I called her up and confirmed if everything is good to go.

Then on 20th morning went to Vizag and it was pretty easy to locate the hotel. I called her up in the morning about my arrival and she gave an appointment in the evening. I went to her clinic in the evening and the rest was all very good experience.

The things I liked during the consultation discussion:

  • The support staff were friendly and helpful
  • Dr. Radha was amazing in terms of the care she took to explain me the whole procedure.

  • Particularly I liked the way she set the expectations. I was having a decent expectation and after the discussion she lowered my expectation and asked me to be more realistic. This in a way was good for me.

  • The other important aspect was that she never talked about the money while we discussed the previous evening. It was me who initiated it. This shows that she is not money minded at all.

  • She was particularly focused on the surgery to come up well.

Then after 1 hours of spending time in the clinic I returned to hotel with great peace of mind in choosing the right surgeon.


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  • Regular Member

hey i had a HT with Dr Radha a few weeks ago, generally an all round great experience, i was a bit hesitant seeing the premises from the outside but was my 1st visit to India so i soon got used to the streets and the buildings. check out my blog

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  • Regular Member

sounds exactly the experience i had, she is very professional and could not of asked for a better experience. if anyone is thinking about travelling for HRT (i am originally from UK now based in Australia) i couldn't speak more highly not just about Dr Radha but also her staff. Yes air fares and hotels add to the cost but still cheaper than anywhere in Aus and the Aus ones i found very hard sell which was very off putting. +1 for Dr Radha and if i need more work doing again i'll be straight back there.

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  • Regular Member

hey dont u think density is lower after 2nd week i.e in 3rd week and 1 st month.

and whats ur result now please post the recent pic.



Rohit Bhalla


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