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July 2013 Transplant with Dr. Alexander



Had my transplant in July 2013 with Dr. Alexander. Approximately 2600 grafts using FUT technology. The only uncomfortable part of the procedure was numbing the donor section of the scalp. After that, I really felt nothing at all as Dr. Alexander began the process of removing a thin, long strip from the back of my head. Additionally, Dr. Alexander used A cell technology for speeding up the follicle recovery time and keeping as many of the follicles viable as possible.

At this point, some 2+ months later, some of the hair transplanted fell out as expected (dormant stage)and much did not, which is interesting. Many follicles, contrary to expectation, actually did not go dormant and instead continued to grow. Although too early to know for certain the outcome, I did research for several years before actually committing to the procedure and trusting a physician to do it. I am therefore optimistic at this point as the hair continues to grow out, albeit slowly.

Going back to the day of the procedure, the staff did an excellent job of keeping me comfortable and entertained with a movie and the news. The first night was little rough but prescribed narcotics cut the edge off the pain. The next day it was simple tylenol and after that, no pain killers. Some swelling around the eyes and forehead which dissipated within a few days. Took a week off work and was back the next week with no one the wiser that I had the procedure done. The scar around the donor area is almost undetectable and all of the minor pain associated with any nerve damage cleared up over about a 5 week period. The "minor pain" I'm describing was really just slight, occasional twinges that gradually stopped over that period of time. As a matter of fact, I began exercising fully after about 9 days post-procedure.

Would I recommend the procedure with Dr. Alexander? Absolutely yes!

I will continue to post as hair growth continues.


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Congratulations! Dr. Alexander is excellent, and I'm pleased to hear you had such a great experience.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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4 Month Update. Well, 4 months post procedure and I thought I'd provide an update. At this point, I'm pretty pleased with the result. The frontal area has completely filled in and density is slowly increasing. I got a hair cut this past Saturday and the barber was able to scissor cut more hair from the top of my head than usual. The result was much less of the "comb over" effect that men with receding hairlines resort to. Before the procedure, I would just sigh as I recognized how much hair I had actually lost from my 30s to early 50s. Now, I can rely on the new hair to provide filler without much of a comb over. I'm actually starting to like the top of my head again! My cut looks much more natural and I would say the look is almost what it was in my mid 30s. So far, very happy.

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