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2013-09-24 Five Months After



Comparing today's pictures to a month ago, there is some definite changes. It's interesting because as you're going through it day by day, you don't really notice it as much. In my mind's eye, my head looks like it did a month ago, but now looking at the present with the past there side by side it's very clear.

My head looks "thin" and you can see through it to my scalp. I still don't understand how there will be more density as it seems like I should be seeing little hairs growing in between the existing ones. Maybe it has to do with the groupings that Dr. Hasson did in the initial proceedure. Where he put 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's to those 3's and 4's are what's going to fill it in somehow. Or maybe the hairs themselves thicken up? Or possibly just as different hairs fall out at different times, other hairs are still yet to spawn. It is only the fifth month after all. I was told it would be 6 months at least till I would be seeing real progress. I went in to see Mike Ferko the other week and he said everything looks great and if anything I'm a little bit early (perhaps that MSM, Biotin, Silica was working after all). He says that I should be seeing some serious growth in the next month or two. Nothing I can do but continue to wait and see and have faith...

One relief is that through some "creative combing" I am able to go out without a hat now for the most part -- especially in the evening (when it's darker). In direct sunlight you can still see through my hairs for the most part. I also notice that it absolutely "looks" thicker when it's dry than when its wet. As someone who used hair gel to spike up his hair, it's difficult for me to dry-style it, but anything is better than wearing a hat. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing -- I'll take it!

All feeling and sensation has pretty much returned to my scalp in the back and front. I'd say like 98-99%. There's still a little "something off" but I'm not at all concerned. And the scar is practically invisible. I seriously can't even see it anymore even when looking hard and moving hairs around. There's a bit of a residual "image" of the line in my hair which is curious, but I presume that is still remnants of my haircut and the loss of hairs near the scar -- which in theory will eventually fill back in as well.

I had hoped that the shock loss that I experience in the shower would have subsided by now, but alas, it continues to be steady. At least 30-50 hairs are lost every day. I thought that if I don't wash it every day, then maybe some would stay, but it doesn't appear to make a difference. It just makes it look worse the next day as there are even more hairs falling out. Related to that, I wonder if some of those hairs are transplanted ones too (as in, they were in the back of my head and pre-programmed to fall out, and now that they were relocated they still are going to fall out as designed).





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