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Hair Loss



First of all congrats for hosting a very nice forum.My view on hair treatment to all will be don't get carried away by emotion and don't believe on any doctor or clinic without proof.There are many clinic in the market that boost of solving hail problem with many fancy names to their treatments.The list is infinite,but the one I got fooled by is called Dr.Paul's Multi speciality clinic,Bhubaneswar.And the fancy name they give for their treatment is called "MESO".

Dr.Paul's is not at all a clinic .It only takes people's emotion to it's advantage.The doctors in this clinic don't have any skills than being honey-tongued.My hair fall got agrivated after taking their treatment.God knows what injection they gave to my scalp.They were insisting to go for one more course,I did't.My advice "Be logical" "Don't be Emotional" "Select Proper Doctor".Dont be a fool like me to tell stories later.Your Hair,Scalp,Body is yours for a life time dont't allow ant body to experiment on it.



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I encourage you to do some research around the discussion forums and find some proven treatment options that work for you. It seems like you're dedicated to facing your hair loss head-on, and I think that by doing some research on the discussion forums and asking good questions, you can both find some solutions for yourself and help other hair loss sufferers. Good luck!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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