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How long will it take for the shock loss to stop



I am a hair lover from india who recently went for hair transplanataion for 800 grafts


How long will it take for the shock loss to stop. I know hair lost due to shock loss may take 3/4 month to come back if it’s temporary.

But my question is how long they will keep falling( 1 week , 2 week or more).

The hair that are falling are quite thick and the way they are falling( 150 during wash) is really annoying.


I had the HT 12 days back only for 800 grafts on my frontal M shape on 31st august and started seeing them to fall in the first week itself.

I haven’t experience such a major hair fall in last two years.


Also , I am using finpecia(finestraside) from last two years and it has worked very well for me.


If it’s shock loss , when will it stop? I can’t see my hair falling for 3 or more months.



Please help me ..


Also I have increased my finestraside to 2mg per day? Is that harmful ????


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