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Scalp Pigmentati/FUE



Hi everyone, Im thinking of having Scalp Pigmentation with FUE. My previous was 15 years ago strip grafts. I first vhad Frankenstein Dr May in Londno with Slit grafts a complete dissaster. after much research Lathems came to my rescue. I wa sin nashville singing country music at the time. 93-98. Now I am 15 years donw th eroad and getting thin on top. Front line is looking ok still but I will have this imporved. I have limited donar area so I will focus on front and crown area and a little to the side if I have enough donor. So Scalp Pigmentation to the rescue.. I am having consultations in Uk in October/November and will try to report back. any info or advice is always appreciated. My GLH spray has worked well for 4 years but Im fed up of brown pillow cases.. SP might do the trick to asisst the coverage and darken the thinner areas. I will neve rhave a full hea dof hair until they discover the gene for hair groth, but I think I can always be presdentable. Im 54 years old now and when i spend a little time on my hair it still looks great and not many people know Ive had procedures. Or they dont tell me :-) Any spell errors Sorry typed this fast. <br>Well, some improvement son this site first would help, seems I get lots of errors when posting and if I make a mistake and hit wrong button there is no draft save on any part of these forums, If there is I cant find it. Update this please. Seems I am actually 18 years not 15 years down the road and Lathams micro/min grafts are now older techniques. I am now considering FUE and possible (SMP after surgery) consultations with Hakan Doganay and Farjo, using 3000 donors from head and also 1000-2500 beard. I still generally don't like UK surgeons all round. They are a long way away from a good feel factor. I'm a it worried about this SMP, no real super feedback yet that I can see on long term colour problems.

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see my updates on SMP in London. Utter disaster... I will not consider SMP again for about 2 more years or more after all HT procedures are finished. 

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