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Hi everyone,

I wanted to update you on my FUE experience. I have now moved past my 78th day after my FUE with Dr Feriduni and everything has been fantastic. I will add the next set of picture at 6 months, and as I’m not on the forum very much so I have tried to be quite detailed to answer any questions.

A few things I would say for anyone considering FUE and Dr Feriduni:

The premises and staff are fantastic

Dr Feriduni is a wonderful person, highly skilled, and has a delightful manner/style

Stay close to the clinic (if you can) for at least a week after the surgery so you can see Dr Feriduni and the team everyday for the daily wash and review

A Quick summary:

I stayed at Hossel Hotel about 5 minutes drive (after day 5 I just walked up and back to Dr Feriduni’s office). Great hotel. It was recommended by Daphne at Dr Feriduni’s office

The morning of the surgery Dr Feriduni had a final review and we both agreed on a final hairline. I was only thinning at the front so I wanted to strengthen my hairline.

Based on that, Dr Feriduni said he was confident he could achieve the results I was after with less than the original FU assessment.

My head was prepared and the extractions began. Dr Feriduni assessed the area, and mapped the regions for extraction. Two technicians /nurses performed the bulk of the extractions with Dr Feriduni doing ~20% of the extractions at the end. I might say, many people have given opinion on the technicians /nurses doing extractions. I have no issue at all. They are exceptionally skilled, it is their job and this was their area of expertise (through the next week I saw probably 10 people at various stages come through the waiting area and I could not tell one of them had had a HT, so the talk about techs doing or not doing extractions is no issue at Dr Feriduni’s office. His techs are world class in my opinion).

After Dr Feriduni did the final 20% of extractions I was then finished.

Then Dr Feriduni made 100% of the incisions in my recipient area

After this, two head technicians /nurses placed ~80% of my graphs into the incisions, and Dr Feriduni placed the final ~20%. Again, for me, the incisions are the most important aspects and Dr Feriduni did 100% of these. When the FUs were being placed Dr Feriduni was continually checking and other nurses were observing and at no stage was I concerned. Again, check the pics, no issue at all.

The final 20% of placements were made by Dr Feriduni. These were the main hairline and other areas which are most noticeable and therefore required has artist skill. These were placed and Dr Feriduni gave a final inspection of the entire head. We were done. 7am start and 4:30pm finish.

Back to the hotel for a few nights sleeping upright, but again, no issue. The hotel had several other people staying who were FUE patients so I’d say they were well aware of how to provide comfort. The hotel room had four large pillows and two smaller ones and a big plasma TV directly ahead on the wall which I could watch TV from my sleeping/sitting position

Over the next few days I was assessed at Dr Feriduni’s premises. On one of the days Dr Feriduni wasn't happy with some swelling and he gave me some tablets for this. Again, this just reemphasizes my recommendation to stay close to the Dr for the first week because within 24 hours of me taking the tablets the issue was gone, I was re-assessed by the head nurse on the weekend and photos taken. Dr Feriduni was happy and my recovery continued.

My scabs were partially removed on day 6 by Dr Feriduni after one of the nurses moistened them for him. Again, the advantage of staying close by was Dr Feriduni only removed half the scabs and said the final clean should be performed on day 8. He then applied a layer of aloe vera and told me exactly how much he wanted me to apply.

This was then done and I returned home. Initially I was staying inside and not showing my head, but I saw a few people and said I had some skin condition on my scalp and nothing more was said. Perhaps some people suspected, but the time moves fast (although at times it feels like it's not moving so fast) bur not past 70 days there are no concerns for me. My donor areas were the first to heal (obviously) and once the hair grew for 2 weeks it was exceptionally hard to see, if at all.

For me I would reemphasis a few things; 1. Feriduni and his team are exceptional and I highly recommend him and them. 2. Stay close to the surgery for 7-10 days afterwards so you can get the daily check-ups. 3. Be confident. I was nervous and had so many fears in the months leading up to the surgery but I am 100% satisfied I went with FUE and with Dr Feriduni.

I went with Feriduni based on research I did and the experience has been exceptional. So the three words I would have for anyone considering FUE are “Feriduni, Feriduni, Feriduni”.

I have uploaded a few random pics. My 75 day pic was taken just before on my phone so I apologise for quality but will upload higher quality pics at 6 months. I shed probably 65% of my hairs, so that hasn't been too bad and I already have good coverage, but in summary I am over the moon with my decision and have no regrets.

**Note, I wont be on here very often, so hopefully this posting answers your questions. I will check back periodically so any questions might be delayed but I am sure you understand***



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