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Please Help



Hi all,

After much consideration, i have now reached the decision to go through with a hair restoration procedure. I have been on numerous forums and have taken advice to research your potential physician well, get before and after photos and read patient testimonials. I have done this at length and agree totally that nobody should take a procedure like this lightly. I am, at this stage, on information overload with firstly the amount of clinics, the advertisements, the promises etc. Is it just a question of doing your research properly, finding a physician and taking a chance? Maybe some one could advise me? I have 3 clinics/phyicians in mind. These are the following;

Dr Akhaki Talizi Clinic in Tblisi Georgia. (IAHRS registered)

Dr Marwan Saifi Wroclaw Poland ( IAHRS registered)

Dr Ekrem Civas. Civas Clinic Turkey ( IAHRS registered and ABRHS registered)


Could anyone tell me if they have feedback or know of anything of the above clinics or Surgeons? Any information or feedback would be much appreciated?


Thanks a million!!




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