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Has anybody had any experiences with Dr A's Clinic



Hi I live in Delhi and am planning to get a strip surgery by Dr A's Clinic. Can anyone share their experiences? They appaer to be among the most popular and the oldest practitioners in India. But a good marketting team can also enable them to become one. So far I have read atleast 3-4 good reviews about them and one bad one.

One of the factors that has increased their credibility is the fact that their team dont appear to be desperate to convince a patient. I went their around 7 Years ago and they refused to conduct an HT saying I was too young. In those 7 years I have so far not even received a single follow up call. I went their again around 10 days ago and the doctor suggested me in having 3200 FUHT grafts 1200 for the crown and 2000 for the front area. She told me that including my beard they could extract around 7000 grafts so I could also have follow up transplants in the future incase i continue to loose my native hair. She also didnt appaer to be to desperate to close the deal straight away and asked me to think and discuss about them before taking the plunge.

Can anyone share their experiences with them (They appear to havea very good marketting team so I really dont know how much is fake and how much is true). Also who are the good doctors in the clinic, shall I only consider Dr AP to do my procedure or are there other competent doctors as well.


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