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Propecia 1mg how much do you take?



Hi everyone,


This is my first blog and I'm only a few days old to the site. I know my profile is poor but I will set it up when I get a spare 5 mins from researching the site. Here is some of my quieries I can't solve!

I have decided to to buy the following products and they should arrive in the next few days (The big 3).

  1. Rogaine 5% solution (1ml twice a day)
  2. Nizoral 2% (once every 3 days)
  3. Propecia 1mg tablets

  • I managed to gain the propecia off the net (http://healthnhuman.biz/) without a doctors slip. The problem is I don't know how many I should take and does the intake change over time? and will a normal GP know anything about how much I should take in relation to hair loss?

  • Is there any advantages/disadvantages between between Rogaines solution and foam products?

  • Also what shampoo, conditiner and hair serum is good to use on the days off from Nizoral 2%? I work mostly on construction sites so my scalp gets dirty and needs a good clean every night. I've looked into Nioxin system 2 but I'm not sure after seeing some of the reviews.


Any help would be much appreciated!!


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