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African American Women Hair Transplant



While researching there is the least amount of information for women when it comes to hair transplant, and an even smaller number of African American women. My hair loss isn't hereditary it's due to wearing weaves and braiding which is called traction alopecia. I lacked a lot of confidence when it came to my hair, i would only wear side bangs or bangs, and I hated it, i tried massaging my edges, using certain oils, taking biotin pills, and the process was just too slow. I want to show and help people especially women who have any concerns or questions about getting a hair transplant since I have now had one. I'm in my eearly 20's and I would have never thought about doing this until I found Dr. John Diep, and seen his YouTube videos before and after pictures, I literally made the decision to do this in a matter of a few months, as I'm writing this I'm already in day 8 post-op, and so far so good, my donor area is still sore, but nothing a few viocodin can't fix! I'm excited for the results and I have to be very patient, I'll be taking pictures weekly so you could see the progression.

I will post pictures on how my FUT scar looks in the back soon.

Dr. John Diep from MHTA clinic in Los Gatos

2700 grafts the procedure was about 9 hours


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