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1 year post-op review with Dr Parsa Mohebi



Hey guys, I just wanted to update you with my progress. The results are in, though I'm not at all surprised. I'm happy, in fact, delighted with my results. It's been a long year after my surgery and finally I can post more pictures. Although, progress was slow even though at 5 months post op I could see my hairline fill in, the crown did take awhile. Around the tenth month I did notice the crown filling in slightly and as of today I can honestly say that it looks a whole lot better than it did a year ago. I can style my hair easier and not a single person can notice anything. People I know try to "feel" my scalp and when they really look up close and part my hair all they can see is a natural parting or swirI at the top that they contend is just the way my hairline is designed. Not even my hairdresser can tell and he insists that I have beautiful hair. Now the top is still thinner than my donor area and though I wish it was just as thick I found that in keeping my hair long and styling it proper, no comb overs, please, I assume perfect density. I couldn't do that before. Let's be realistic. The density we once had before in our twenties can never be had. (As of yet, that is; stem cells offer a lot of hope.) The illusion of it however is possible. And that is exactly what we discussed in his office at www.ushairrestoration.com with the lovely Dr. Parsa Mohebi. Throughout my post-op period, I would occasionally e-mail questions and thoughts of whatever bothered me. Always courteous and open minded he always responded and never failed me. As a matter of fact one of the questions that I inquired him about was even posted on his blog. "Finasteride effects on estrogen levels". Read about it here: (scroll down a few entries)


All in all both of us are pleased with the results. I am optimistic in waiting for a full 18 or 24 months after the surgery and time it with my two year use of Finasteride to gauge truly final results; We both agreed that we should wait and have another consultation for perhaps a third transplant or even some scalp micro pigmentation. And you know what? I have no problem with that as it sounds to me like a grand idea. Thank you all for reading my posts. Thank you Dr Parsa Mohebi for your patience, skill and wonderful staff, who by the way is still with you and going on ever so skillful. I feel wonderful, and my confidence is surging.


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