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Little intro on Hair and its cycle.



Throughout history, the hair have always had a great symbolic.

For women, hair have always been a symbol of seduction. Include Aphrodite, Goddess of love, always depicted with long blonde hair.

Besides these symbolic aspects, hair is truly a reflection of our health. It keeps in memory the traces of our way of life. Did you know that watching a hair under the microscope, we can detect all stress peaks that we lived?

The mechanism of our hair is complex and these perturbations are immediately visible: fall of hair, alopecia, baldness, fall is... So many troubles proved difficult to live physically and psychologically. Even if we are no longer at the time where the hair represented the divine power, he always reflects our image to others. Loss of self-confidence, gene, stress... These factors did not arrange this painful condition.

hair life cycle


The hair cycle.

In our life, hair cycles are limited! We have between 100 000 and 150 000 hair follicles.

The life cycle of a hair consists of three phases:

The growth (anagen) touching 80-90% of the hair (life time).

Lengthening of hair :This phase of hair growth varies from two to five years includingthree years in humans and six years for women; more this phase extends over the hair is long.

Regression (catagen) affecting 10–15% of the hair. This phase takes place much faster and can be summarized in two or three weeks. The hair is pushed out of the follicle and stops to push.

The death of the hair (telogen). The old hair is pushed back by the new.

This phase represents the normal hair cycle of a hair. We lose between 60 and 100 hairs per day. Our hair is non-synchronous. Positive point because, otherwise, we know molting!

However, as soon as these cycles are repeated more rapidly, we talk about fall "abnormal".

You should know that, in our lives, the number of hair cycles is limited. It may not exceed 30 cycles. So If cycles are accelerating, we burn our quota. The end result is therefore inevitable, hair fall and disappear. Is baldness, the point of no return.

In addition to this extreme phenomenon, the most common case is alopecia. The hair grows

more in sufficient quantity, the cycles are deregulated. This translates into a progressive hair loss. The reasons can be many, we'll discuss later.

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