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First FUE 1500 (3400 hair) DHI



I've started thinning at age 19-20; my hair loss was very manageable then I would style my hair in different manner to hide the receeding temples. At 21 I discovered toppik which worked amazingly for me. Since I'm 22 I rocked the Mr and Mrs Smith Brad Pitt buzzed hair cut and applied toppik on thinning area, From age 23-24 my hair loss become pretty intense; temples started balding and crown too that's why I decided to have a FUE at clinic in Paris. I had made tremendous research before hand and always wanted to go with a famous well established doc but I directly encountered patients that have had work done with the clinic and were satisfied.

I had a 1500 FUE with this clinic in mid July. My hair ratio was 2.42 which I was told was pretty good. Doc told me I had a good donor area and tons of grafts to be harvested for future interventions. On the pictures you will see that they completely redrew the hair line but did not touch any of the crown area. I went for a very conservative ("north") hairline so I could have much density than if I went lower. As I'm writting this I'm 4 days post-op, head still feel a bit tingly (heard this could last up to 2 months) but more importantly the swelling of my forehead due to the product they inject in your scalp has decreased a lot (still a bit swollen),

My first night post op was extremly painful (keep in mind I had an FUE) every individual is diff and I hear this is not common but I had the feeling someone beat the crap out of me (to be honest I harshly regretted an HT that night). The 3 first days were pretty bad; you look like shit, your swollen (not in all cases but at least in mine and you start doubting that you made the biggest mistake of your life).

As of now (4 day post op) I look much better. The technique that was used for my HT claims that it reduces the chances of hair loss shocks (the period when the new hair falls out and enters a dormant phase for 3 months before regrowing) is reduced by 50%. I will keep you updated on this since thats pretty much why I really wanted to go with this clinic .

I will post the immediate post op pics (I took them), then do a 7 days update and 14 days update (donor and recipient area), After that I will give monthly pictures of the recipient area (note that donor area is healing fairly good -knocking on wood-)



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Hi jobegood1's I am about to have FUE around same amount of hair.. I want to keep my shaven (bit like yours in pics) can you confirm if the FUE scarring is too visible to have the head shaven..




p.s. head looks great mate..

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