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Still Hair Loss



I'm 32 Year Old (UN-Married) Guy From Karachi Pakistan, In My Family No One Has This Problem Except My Grand Father (My Mother Father). till the age of 25 or 26, My Hair was very thick and curly, My Skin is oily,

5.5 ago ( 5th Feb) I Got HT here in Karachi. they grafted 3,000+ graft on my scalp but and after one month they advised me to start the treatment as I mention above the name of spray medicine etc.

but still my hair are falling and all transplanted hair have not grown.

I am Not Satisfied with Surgery and panic with current situation because after 3 month I'm goning to get married.

Waiting For Your Help

Thanks in Advance

Rizwan Lodhi

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I do not think you look that bad. Yes you have some thinning, but overall you have a decent hairline and coverage on your scalp. Have you tried propecia or minoxidil? These medications in addition to some good thickening shampoos might improve what you already have or at least preserve what you have. I wouldn't panic though because you do look fine and I wish you the best in your upcoming marriage!

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