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9 Months after Hair Transplant Surgery, No progress, or any progress?



Greeting. I might be in panic. I had a transplant surgery on October 26th 2012 in undisclosed location in FL. 3,300 were planted. However, as of today, July 18th, almost 9 months later, I don't see any improvement. I emailed pictures to surgeon's office that did the operation, she says it is a great improvement. In pre-op and post-op pictures Hair styles are very different between those two, so I it is hard to see if there are improvement or not. However, some of you will be able so I am confident you see the difference. I send three pre-op pics and two post op pics.

I had two surgeries, I saw new hair coming out and growing, but second surgery I had 9 month ago, I did not see any sort of new hair coming. Most graft hairs are implanted frontal area, so that if there are improvement, I should see. I noticed was that donor area and recipient area are bleeding more that my first surgery. Hair fell fairly quicker than first time. Hairs started fell with scabs within a week and most of white part of the tip of hair were mostly gone.


If you don't see improvement, I am going to ask surgeon to redo the surgery, if it is too early, I will wait and see. I just think 3300 grafts should give me more volume.


What do you think?


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Thank you for your comment. If you can, please pass my blog and ask their opinions and comments, preferably someone who do the operation.


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Hi amb2000


Well, I certainly think I see a minor improvement.....however for that amount of grafts and 9 months post-op, you should have seen a much more considerable change by now....in my honest opinion. I would think that this was an unsatisfactory result. I can understand by your "undisclosed location in FL" comment that you wish to keep your female restoration surgeon....but I am curious to know if she was a recommended physician on this site, or how you may have heard of/chosen her for your procedure?!


I would certainly tell the surgeon that you are not satisfied with the result. Even though most people would recommend you wait at least a year to obtain the true results of a hair transplant....I am not convinced that you're going to be any happier in three months from now; I'm sorry to say!!


If the surgeon is a recommended physician on the site, and you aren't getting the help/responses you would expect from her....I'm sure one of the moderators here will ask for a response to help shed a little more light on your particular situation.


I wish the best for you buddy! I hope your surgeon has an explanation for the sub-par result, and does something to make it right by you!





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