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7.5 months post op - 3079 FUT to frontal third and crown - feedback please anyone?



Just to start, i have been visiting the site regularly and have got a lot of respect for the various legends on here Spex, Big Mac, Gillenator,Taking the Plunge, Bill etc and feel for everyone battling this life sucking scenario

Without you guys, i guess i would be in a worse mental state, thank you for your education first off.

As per the title, i am 7.5 months post op 3079 FUT to combat Thinning on top (not sides), to mainly try and increase density. My surgeon said i have above average donor density.

I know that i have experienced growth but am not sure what to make of the result this far.

The hair that has grown is still fairly thin for the most part. I had my hairline re-enforced so no new hairline created as such but grafts placed behind to enhance density. Then further back to the crown. The crown was the main thing that bothered me before and addressed this concern with my surgeon.

I stated noticing growth at around the 4 months mark, all seemed well and i had my fingers crossed for a good result. Gradual improvement until now though again as previously stated, the hair is still thin and is still fairly see through. (was hoping for more darkening anfd thickening by now) When under normal lighting conditions, it looks promising you can see hair growing there, getting longer. Yet when the lighting is increased to say, midday sunshine (eeeeeek!) the strength of the light penetrates through these thin hairs making the area appear more spare.

I really cannot facilitate financially sustaining regular batches of Fin, min, though i had pre-transplant, been taking fin and felt it didnt bode well for me with its ahem usual sides? and couldent see th benefit after a year. I cannot stand the regime of Min, but i do take a batch of Vitamins regularly, biotin, Zinc, Omega 3, b12, b6 and Silca for what its worth.

i realise that i should be on some of the Big 3 to protect against possible further loss or to have combated shock loss.

I guess i am at where i was before the op, still looking thin, i was hoping for more of an improvement at this stage

What i want advice for please is:

Will these hairs that have sprouted, thicken up more, darken?

My right temple seems to be growing slower than the left

Is there any additonal growth to expect? or am is it a thickening game from here on out with darkening?

Will it get better than it is or is this it?

Have i lost native hair to shock loss? making the hair appear thinner.

I just dont want to be in the same position as i was pre-op after spending lots of hard earned money or be someone with very little improvement on my previous situation, if any..

I know it MAY be a bit early to panic incessantly like i do at 7.5 months, but then again i was hoping to be in a bit of a better place by now?

I will post some pics when i get home, i am currently at work!!


Any immediate thoughts from anyone?


Thanking you all in advance for your kind attention

Best Regards


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i cant believe it, just my luck, i have been charting my progress with pictures on my high res camera on my phone. Ranging from way pre op, during and post op till today.

My phone got stolen by an opportunistic thief when i was cleaning my car out at the petrol station. I was hoovering right under the seats and someone lifted it whilst i was doing so, i can see him do it from the cctv footage!

this has annoyed me no end, the phone i dont care about, the contacts can be replaced as well as the number but i have now lost all my pics and i am gutted.....

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