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My Experience with Dr Bhatti, Chandigarh, India



It is a hard decsision to choose a competent doctor in today's times. How do you beging the search? I was so confused when I made rounds of the "well-known" clinics in my home towns of Sydney and Beverly Hills. Almost all doctors promise the best, all doctors have innovated some nuance of the technique of hair transplant, all cllaimed to be world leaders in the field. Phew!! Was it difficult.

And then I came across a few Indian students in Australia who had returned from home after hair transplants there. It was therefore by chance that I happend to be introduced to Dr Bhatti's practice while on a train journey to Melbourne one fine Summer evening.

I read his blogs, saw his photos and patiently watched his videos over the next couple of months. I procrastinated for almost like one full year before deciding to get in touch with the doctor.

I was told to send in the pictures like usual but what surprised me was the personal attention to all my queries by the doctor himself. Dr Bhatti comes out as a genuine, hard working and caring sort of a doctor and it is natural to trust people who are candid about their explanations, leaving the final choice whether to get the procedure done ot not, on the patient. I like his approach. He is gentle and not pushy at all. I felt very comfortably conversing with him on Skype.

So Here I am at the moment at Chandigarh recovering after my hair transplant done the day before yesterday.

have posted pictures and will keep you guys updated with my progress every month....


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