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Hair Transplant or forget about it..




Hello everyone,


My name is Mike, I have been a lurker for a while and decided to share my story with the community and ask for advice. I am 26 Y/O now and I have been losing hair since I was 17-18 years old. I diagnosed myself as a NW 5. My crown is very much empty, and the front is really filled with some sparse hairs that look alright with some Dermmatch. I want to know what you recommend for my case and my young age. I am very interested in FUE method especially that it can give me good results that will last for few years till my hair loss is complete then I can shave it all with no visible scar in the back of my head. Due to cost issues I am thinking about traveling to India or Turkey, especially turkey since it is a little closer to the states. I was thinking about either Dr. Bhatti in India, or, Dr, Demisory in Turkey. I think I will need at least 4000 grafts. Just to share my thoughts with you guys, I do not really like Dr. Bhatti's hairlines. But in the meantime never seen any results from Dr. Demisory so I can compare (any advice of how can I see his results).

A little about family history:

I am from a Middle-Eastern background, but my hair characteristics are really different than that of middle-easterns. It is black (against white scalp) and really fine and smooth (I mean not coarse). I have my father, who never experienced any kind of Alopecia, but my mother had thinning hair and my uncle from my mother's side is a NW7 since he was like 26 or 27. Even my uncle's two sons are NW 7 by the same age. My brother is 22 and did not experience any thinning so far. My cousins from my father's side never also experienced anything so far, they are the same age as me. Also my cousins from my mother’s side did not experience any thinning so far.

Meds History:

I have been on Rogain on and off. Not using Rogain at the moment. I got my family physician to prescribe me Finastride 5 mg, which I cut into quarters. I have been using Fin. for a month now.

Thanks a lot for your help. I do not know what to do really!! I am really devastated


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I suggest you Turkey. I had my HT also in Turkey one month ago and happy with treatment and operations. I have done with Adem&Havva Hair Transplantation Center. You can search them and other clinics as well.

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