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Hair Surgeons in Florida



Hi Im a 20 year old female with hair loss due to genetic reasons. I currently live in Florida and have been trying to do research about different hair transplant surgeons in Florida before going to a consultation. So far as most renowned I've come across these doctors

: Dr. Glenn Charles of Boca Raton, Dr. Bernard Nausbaum of Coral Gables, Dr. Paul Rose of Coral gables, Dr. Ricardo Mejia of Jupiter, and Ive also read alot of good stuff about Dr. Alan Bauman of Boca Raton but have also read alot of bad reviews


Please if anyone is familiar with these doctors and has had procedures from them please let me know how they turned out and post pictures of the results Im only 20 years old still in college and I don't want to fuck my hair up for the rest of my life


thank you



(Im looking for FUE hair transplant)


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