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2373 grafts by Dr. Bhatti (Darling Buds, Chandigarh)



Hello everyone. I have been following this forum for a while and have been gathering information and feedback from the forum members. I have found the forum members highly cooperative and helpful. Special thanks to Shane13. MJ0101, GaelicDawn, Midnightio75,Johnny24 and David923 (all patients of Dr. Bhatti)

After doing my research and getting my questions answered by Dr. Bhatii via email (I was impressed by the promptness of his responses), I decided to take the "leap of faith" from California to Chandigarh. I had emailed my pics to Dr. Bhatti and he had suggested 3500 to 4000 grafts. That is what I had hoped for too but turned out that my donor supply was much lesser than what I had anticipated. About 10 years ago, I had a FUT procedure done by Dr. Elliot (Elliot and True) in California. This was done in 2 steps (they implanted 600 grafts first and a year later 400 additional grafts after I complained that the first HT did not yield results....ended up getting two FUT scars and decreasing my scalp area). Long story short, after Dr. Bhatti inspected my donor area, he said that my donor supply was pretty limited and only about 2000 grafts could be harvested. Here are the details for the donor grafts:

Total: 2373

Scalp: 2048

Beard: 325

Initially, Dr. Bhatti had suggested a much lower (aggressive) hairline but after noticing the scarcity of the donor grafts, he ended up changing to a much less aggressive hairline. I had mentioned to him that I wanted coverage over the crown area too, which meant dividing the donor hair into:

Front (hairline): 1344 grafts

Back (crown): 1029 grafts

Today is my Post Op day #2. Even though I had hoped for a much lower hairline but at the same time, I have to be realistic and accept the fact that my hair loss was too severe to be totally cured by 2373 grafts. It is what it is. I have always had a high hairline and if I end up getting a decent hairline and decent coverage on the crown, I will be happy.

Attaching some before and after pictures. Comments and feedback are welcome.






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Looks good, I might be going to see Dr Bhatti next feb 2014. I need about 4000 grafts. Where they professional? How about sterlity and how long did it take for you to recover ie go out and about? My trip will be for about 10 days.if you have any photos do share them.

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