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Have spent over 12 months on these forums

Realize I've wasted a lot of time dwelling on my hairloss and what the solution (HT?) is...

Also realize it's a psychological issues affecting not just myself, but many men

I've always cared alot about my self-image, whether it's been my physique, teeth (had braces), and hair - believe in putting best foot forward with people and in life, so strive for best in all parts of my life

I constantly struggle with "just accepting" the hair loss because a HT is 'vain' and risky, but then find myself a day later rationalizing a HT procedure as no different than getting braces, breast augmentation for women - it's just not widely accepted yet and doesn't gel with idea of a man being comfortable who he is and masculine (not concerned on looks)

I see some results that make me go "Wow" that looks fantastic, then other, by the same doctors that look not much better than before

I find myself concerned that I will do a procedure (on the currently thinned frontal third) only to see accelerated hair loss throughout my head and have to "chase" it with other procedures

I wonder if "just shaving" my head is the right solution, and if I will like it

I believe if you are going to go ahead with the procedure, you're doing yourself a disservice by not going to the top docs - the results are obvious

I will never consider FUT, largely due inability to go with a short haircut (if I don't like the HT) and the fact I am active and worry about scar stretching, plus it still seems so barbaric even with latest tools (Frankensteinish immediately post surgery)

My own personal belief is the ARTAS still doesn't do as good a job as FUE from a skilled surgeon (too new, needs more iterations)

I worry about how I am going to take 2 weeks off of work and still conceal the fact I had work done

I worry many of the photos on here from Doctor's are only the "best" results, and the patients posting positive results or willing to talk are being paid by the surgeons - just the skeptic in me

Wes Welker's hair looks really good, Wayne Rooney's doesnt

I don't believe Tom Brady had a HT (Even though Welker hints at it) - his hair is simply too full, if he did, I want his surgeon

I am heavily considering doing an FUE procedure in the next three months


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Thank you for sharing. Best of luck. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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Seekingalpha, Thank you for your thoughts. I think I am at the same state right now. Do you know where to look and find the list of good FUE (manual) Dr.?

Thx for your help

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