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Hey to all,

It's been 10 months and i want to share with you all an experience i believe you will/should all be interested in.

After consultations all over the UK i signed on to this website and found overseas options were favoured among the senior members. So after doing research i found Dr. Saifi, sent him some pictures, we discussed grafts, price, results etc. and this made me feel confident - it was clear that Dr. Saifi was very passionate about getting fantastic results. Unlike the UK ones.

So after speaking to one of his previous clients and seeing the results i scheduled a procedure. the price vs quality results was amazing. as i'm sure some of you have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Saifi.

Located in Poland, i was greeted at the airport by Krystoff - who was great. made me feel comfortable - telling me about Poland culture etc.

After dropping me off at the hotel he was always on call if i needed him. The hotel reccommended by Dr. Saifi was pure luxury. everything about it was friendly, understanding and very helpful.

The next day - Procedure day. Dr. Saifi was AMAZING, spoke with me about the whole process, made me feel relaxed and was genuinley passionate about getting excellent results. After seeing his previous clients photo's - which gave me a huge boost of confidence.....as seeing is believing. I was introduced to his wonderfull and friendly staff who were also more than willing to go the extra mile. I was even treated to a polish dinner (yummy!)

I believe Dr. Saifi to be the most honest, passionate and capable hair restoration doctor i have ever come across. And urge you all to AT LEAST contact him and see for yourselves.

(promotional content removed)

As i said seeing is believing......so i shall leave you with my before and 10months after pics and urge you to contact Dr. Saifi.

they will be on my anewme account

please feel free to ask me or Dr. Saifi any questions


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Looking good mate, Im back to Saifi for a 3rd and final time in September.


All the best

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