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please suggest me the best doctors in India for Hair transplantation



hellow every one;

I really appreciate your efforts of helping out people. I am new to this forum, i learn alot in few hours here. I am 25 years old and I am on stage 4A of hairloss. I wanna go for hair transplant surgery.

please suggest me the best doctors in India.

From the past 5 years, I am lossing my hair continuously. Now I got bald head. For last 2 years, I used Finpecia tablets, Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men, which was suggested by Dr. Pathuri Madhu, Hyderabad,India. From this january, I am taking treatment from Dr. Batras, But no use with Dr Batras and I lost more hair. Now I got IV pattern bald head, I am planning for Hair transplantation. Please suggest me the good surgeon for Hair transplantation and best procedure.

Please help, i really look forward to your answers.



Email ID: rams518@gmail.com

Mobile Number: +91-8421821945


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