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Hair Transplant in Poland . Dr.Marwan Saifi



Hi folks,

thought I'd share my experience of my trip to Poland with you.

After doing hour's of research on the net I decided to have my hair transplant carried out by Dr Marwan Saifi in Wroclaw Poland, I sent photo's & e-mailed him to see if I was a possible candidate for the FUT procedure, shortly after contacting him I received a reply saying it looked as though it was possible to carry out the transplant, after the initial contact I spoke to Dr Saifi on the phone several times as well as keeping in touch by e-mail.

So I decided to take the plunge & booked my flights, flying out on Mon 6th May & returning Weds 8th May (£80 return Ryanair from East Midlands) there is no money to pay up front to Dr Saifi, a copy of your flight itinerary will show that your serious about attending. So I arrived at the airport & their was a man waiting for me holding a sign with my name on ready to take me to my hotel, 10mins later I'm checking into the Art Hotel in the Center of Wroclaw,(ranked no2 on Tripadvisor of all the Hotels in Wroclaw & well deserved). The Taxi from the airport & the first night at the Hotel is included in the price.

So at 8.40am the next day the taxi is waiting to take me to the surgery which is about 10mins from the Hotel, by now I'm feeling pretty nervous & shaky!! Greeted at the surgery by a very warm & friendly lady with a welcoming smile, asked to fill out medical questionnaire & some personal details, after filling out the forms I get to meet Dr Saifi, a really friendly chap who instantly puts me at ease, a thorough consultation is done & it's agreed I will have 2000 grafts by the FUT method on my crown area + some grafts on a small scarred area near the front, the total cost of which is £2950.00. (GBP)

So I don the surgical gown & enter the treatment room, I'm greeted by & introduced to his team, a friendly bunch who you can have a laugh with. A cocktail of tablets to help me relax & aid me whilst the surgery is being carried out & I'm ready for my HT. Dr.Saifi started by marking on my crown the pattern of what's required, then taping up my hair ready to remove the donor strip, onto the bed face down to have the local anaesthetic injected into my head, my head is numb & the surgery starts,...... 7 hours later it's finished, 2320 grafts in total, 320 FREE!!

I was kept informed at all times what was happening, I could ask them to stop at anytime to stretch my legs, go to the toilet, or just to have a drink, lunch was also included.

Overall I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism of Dr Saifi & his team, from the first minute I walked through the door, to my leaving in the Taxi, I was put at complete ease.

So it's back to the hotel to rest & get some sleep, once the anaesthetic wears off their is some discomfort & I personally found it difficult to get sleep later that night, you are given some instructions along with your medication on what tablets are to be taken at what times & some post op do's & don'ts.

Hope this blog has been helpful, probably a lot of info you don't really require but 'm just trying to share with you things from start to finish! ,so I'm now waiting to see the results over the forthcoming months & will post more photo's as things start happening.

Please see photo's I've attached.




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Thank you for sharing! However, I do need to ask you to edit your blog and remove the outside link to the clinic.




Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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