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New to this site & am considering Dr. Hasson & Dr. Wong in Vancouver.



Where do I begin. Like many, I hair began to recede when I was approximately 21 years of age. I am currently 47 and though it is a tad bit easier to deal with now, only because of age, I have never learned to accept the idea and live comfortably with it. Let's just say, that their arn't very many apects of my life that my hair loss hasn't effected. I have a great job, but cannot wear a hat at work or I would. My hair has receded very slowly and gradually for the last 26 years and I am finally in a financial position to consider a hair transplant. Even if I'd had the financial means at the age of twenty-one, I understand from reading that I would not have been a good candidate.


Reading about the pros regarding the "Strip Method" and "FUE", makes me think back to the age old battles in the nineteen eighties, except it was "Ford or Chevrolet". I have saved my money over the last five years and spending the money is not of a concern to me. I suppose because I have read a few horror stories on various web sites regardng hair transplants gone terribly wrong with ugly scars, that makes me hesitate. What makes me more scared though, is not going through with a hair transplant and always wondering what the outcome would have been.


Being that I live in Victoria, British Columbia (We live on Vancouver Island), I am only a two and one half hour ferry ride to Vancouver and have scheduled an consultation to see Dr. David Wong & Jerry Hasson on July 19th.. Have any of you had a hair transplant performed by either of these doctors. If so, your insight may prove to be invaluable to me. There is also the Hair Transplant Centre at the University of Brisith Columbia in Vancouver, which I have just began researching. Pricing wise, they are much less expensive than Dr. Wong or Dr. Hasson, but this decision will not be based from a monetary perspective. The best doctor with the best possible outcome, is all that is important for me. I'm far from rich, and just hope I make a good selection as far as a doctor is concerned.


Were all in the same boat so to speak and all searching for what will make us happy. Providing I go through with the hair transplant and if its successful, I can't even imagine what it will do for my self esteem, confidence and just an over all good feeling. Let's face it, when you purchase a new vehicle, the novelty ware's off in generally a couple of weeks. This would be a real life changer.


Best of luch to you all!

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Thank you for sharing!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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