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Dr M Distephano



I went to Dr Mark Distephano and had a total of 7,600 grafts...and am going back shorting for another 1,000 in the crown area. The results so far are outstanding. My goal was total coverage on top and after an upcoming procedure, I expect to meet my goals.

I found the experience at Dr D to be superlative. I was nervous and concerned but his careful planning and explanations eased my anxiety. The support team that did all 3 procedures was friendly and knowledgable; quintessential professionals. They all have been working for the office for at least 5 years and seem to love what they do.

Moreover the doctors experience and proven process made me very confident....minimal recovery time, undetctable scar lines, and results within 4-6 months (I had 3 procedures so far). He was available for post pocedure questions and genuinely seemed interested in a successful result. I was very pleased.

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr D's office...I shopped for many and selected based upon experience, surgical approach/techniques, references and several conversations with Steve Matteo who helped me with answers to all of my concerns. I have never looked back.


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