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Back in LA



It's been one week since my procedure with Dr. Rahal.

Recovery is coming right along. I'm taking it easy for one more week, to make sure I don't disturb my beautiful grafts.

Almost all of the swelling has subsided from the recipient area, and I can move my forehead again.

Anxiously awaiting the ugly duckling period. The only sad thing is that the weather in LA is gorgeous and I can't go out in the sun for 3 months.

Oh well...



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How is it that your donor area is invisible after only 7 days? Where are the sutures or staples or scar or any indication there was a donor area?

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My procedure was FUE (follicular unit extraction) not strip. Each graft is harvested from the donor area individually, utilizing a mechanical extraction tool with a 0.8-0.9mm rotary punch. This procedure heals without a visible scar/line, so that hair may be worn short. The actual healing time is faster as well. After 3 weeks, the donor area is barely noticeable. However, not everyone is a good candidate for FUE, and the cost may be relatively higher.

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WOW nice! Well best of luck to you! Looks great so far.

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