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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 1 Month 1 day



Post Op 1 Month 1 day – 8th April

Just hit the 1 month mark, ive been meaning to put the pictures up but been soo busy at work. Most of the post shedding has stopped and i think i have lost all the transplanted hair. There are some few remain soldiers holding on and growing. The extent of hair loss looks worse in pictures than it is in real life.

In terms of pain, its all gone. Although i have significant itching in the donor area, only when i lay down or rest my head. As you can see my hair looks quite patchy in the donor area and i may have had shock loss. When i do feel my donor area i feel some smaller hairs just started to grow.

My right and left side of the donor area is still pink and this will take time to subside. Hair is still growing in both sides with new hairs starting to sprung due to minor shock loss. The recipient site i look more bald than i had the transplant. I know i have had some minor shock loss there too. But it will grow back and i have to remain optimistic. The recipient area, i still have no sensation and it may take couple of months for this to return.... having read other peoples reviews.

I still haven't had an hair cut since my fue hair transplant and will have one on the two month mark!

will update next month.


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It is still so early to talk about the results. however, I would like to ask if you have been using any medication like Procepia or other things. Just keep positive, I am sure it will start to grow within upcoming few months. Btw, would you mind telling where you had hairtransplant, clinic?



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I've started to use Finasteride and take some hair vitamins. The company is called hedz international and there website name is health travel international. I'm quite positive and have confidence in the clinic

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