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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 15th day



Post Op 15 th day – 25th March


First day at work since hair transplant. I had taken two weeks off and was hoping no one figured out that i had a hair transplant. Work colleagues did like the new buzz hair cut and complimented me on it. Its good think i slowly told everyone a month or two that i was thinking of shaving my head.


In terms of Post op the recipient area all the scabs are off. There isn't any numbness but at the sametime my recipient area feels less sensitive. But i do feel that i am getting some feeling back. The donor area has healed up very well, i was more concerned with this that someone at work may spot the procedure. The skin is slighty pinkish but not noticebale to my work colleagues. The donor area still feels slightly tender and skin feels slight tighter than normal, pain wise its around 2 out of 10 only when you stroke certain areas. There minor itchiness at the back and during the day i'm too busy to notice and evening its bareable.


I have started the gym and doing some weights which i normally do before the operation. This is the first time i've done weights after two full weeks. I haven't gone into it hardcore and only lifting about 60-70% of my max weights that i normally do. i've read on other forums that graft should have fully be integrated between day 10-14. i'm doing mild cardio as well and taking the necessary hair nail vitamins, Ginko, Vitamin D, cod liver oil. I take finansteride as i know i will be shedding more hair in the next week or two as other members on this site have. I'm hoping i don't loose more than i have already, looking at the pictures i reckon i've lost some of the transplanted hair. Its hard to tell as with grade 0 cut i do not have the before pictures. However the managing director did take some with his phone and he will send them soon over.

Pictures have been updated. Next blog update on the day 30 1 month mark!


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Thanks for posting this, i'm thinking of a ht and it's helpful to hear how you are managing this stage. it is really amazing, and it looks natural as well.

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  • Regular Member

Hardest thing is to take the plunge, but if it won't for few members on this site and their pictures and stories, I probably had not gone through with the transplant. Too early to tell what the outcome will be like but i'm staying positive. So far I've experienced probably the same thing as other FUE patients on this forum. 

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Looking forward to see your 1 month progress, i hope all is going well..

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i've taken 1 month post op pics. Will be uploading them within the next couple of days.

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