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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 13th day



Post Op 13th day – 22nd March

Virtually all scabs have fallen from the top of the as well as the donor area. Back of the head seems to be recovering and beginning to feel some sensation. However the sides does feel little tender in the donor area. Partly due to number of grafts that were extract.

The recipient site I have no sensation on top of the head, probably due to the thousands of small incisions being made and the minor nerve damage. This will eventually will go a way as the donor area has. I have virtually got around 80% of my feeling on the back of my head.

I do have minor itchiness around the back of the head, but a lot better in comparison to previous day.

I've posted some more pictures.

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Looks like things are progressing as expected!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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