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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 5th day




Post Op 5th day – 14th March

Sleep has gone back to normal routine pattern now. But sleep at 45 degree angle does take its toll. Head feels like a paper weight when resting against the pillow. I have started get some feeling back in the recipient area.

Normal routine is to take the rest of the medication, have the cream on my head for 45 minutes. Then gently wash this. I then normally take the photos.

In terms of the Post Op - feeling with regards to recipient and donor area as follows:

  • Donor Area - is healing very quickly and scabs are forming. Pain has gone with no shooting pain.
  • Recipient area - Just feels numb, with no pain.
  • Swelling on the forehead has virtually gone.

I've posted some more pictures. I will post every two days upto day 14. Then monthly after this.

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