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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 4th day



Post Op 4th day – 13th March

Slept for several hours today. I think sleeping in my own bed with the right temperature was what I needed. It was driving me crazy due to lack of sleep. I don’t think the main cause of this was due to the procedure but the lack of air con at the hotel. Sleeping at my own place I was completely knocked out for 8 hours.

I didn’t require any pain killers, but today’s routine was take the medication as prescribed in post op procedure. Have my breakfast and I decided to catchup on some work stuff. Nope I didn’t go into work but dialled in and caught up on those pesky emails. 300 in 3 days.

In terms of the Post Op - feeling with regards to recipient and donor area as follows:

  • Donor Area - is healing very quickly and scabs are forming. Pain has gone to 2 out of 10 with the odd shooting nerve pain. The appearance looks like a crusted volcano. I hope this heals very quickly as i will beback at work on the 25th March!
  • Recipient area - Just feels numb, with no pain.
  • Swelling seems to be going down from the forehead.

I've posted some more pictures

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Thank you for keeping us updated.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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